The outline of a house in white enclosed a rainbow. Next to this image are the words 'Kakyo Project provides healing justice through space and to explore creative artivism.'

KAKYO Project is a place to transform lives and change the ecology of creative East Africa.

Four people sitting and discussing.

About Us

Our story and core values. Learn how we are healing and transforming afro queer lives in East Africa with artistic practice.

A jacket with a rainbow and the phrase 'Let me be perfectly queer.'


Our programs encourage artistic excellent, build community, advocate for inclusive gear and cultivate wellness and healing. 

A wooden notebook with an elaborate face and design drawn on the front.


An online catalogue space to showcase binders and other merch from creatives.


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Your financial contribution will support the Kakyo Project in its mission to transform lives and the creative landscape. It will aid us in providing accessible programs while also uplifting, celebrating, affirming creativity and performance by training and curate programs for minorities. paypal information care of s.a.mcduffee@gmail.com


There are also other ways you can support the Kakyo Project such as
Availing a space we can do workshops from
By donating resources we can distribute to the community eg books, papers, sexual health packages.
Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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