About us

Our Story

KAKYO Project began with the desire to provide healing justice through space and to empower queer creatives.

The space is built on a diverse, anti-oppressive, inclusive, supportive, dynamic, anti-racist, trans-positive, queer-positive framework. 

Empowering creatives, bringing people together while also healing and transforming afro queer lives in East Africa.

Our Mission

Our programs use the creative landscape to provide transformative, healing to afro queers throughout the East African continent.

We disrupt the singular narrative of inequities within the creative arts and provide programs that are artistically and socially engaging for participants of all walks of life.

Our Values

inclusivity through SaFE GEAR

We make Accessible Gear for African trans and non-binary community.

Artistic Excellence and Community Building

We gather illustrious rosters of queer creatives and strive towards artistic excellence through programs, dialogues and relationships. We connect queer creatives of divergent disciplines with the larger community through gathering, storytelling and creative programs. 

Wellness and healing Sanctuary

We strive to create connections and strengthen networks. Our programs, like the Healing Sanctuary, help African queers engage in wholesome growth of mental, spiritual, sensual, and physical whole being. 


We are a small but mighty team of experts.

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