KAKYOPROJECT team has grown with a great addition!! We’re letting you in behind the scenes and are so excited for you all to know a little bit more about our roles. This is a shine to the first Spotlight on our brilliant Programmes & Events Coordinator, Erica

Hey!! I’m Erica (she/they/he). I like picnics, a deep shade of purple and ghosts…

What is one of your biggest accomplishment so far?

Being here – I wasn’t sure I’d make it this far but I’m proud of myself for choosing life and doing my best to make sure it’s worth it.

What previous experience do you have ?

I curate safe spaces for queers to gather. Teach Mandarin, Chemistry and Maths. Run a blog that shares tips and tricks to growing health locs. And I (try to) breathe a lot.

Can you tell us more about Programs of kakyoproject and why you’re passionate about it?

At it’s core, Kakyo Project is based on care and support. I only every want to exist in spaces like this – where I can make a real difference in the lives of queer beings as well as feel cared for and appreciated.


Heres more links to my contacts and work.