SElf care for queer creatives

May is mental health Awareness month and we are sharing some Self care techniques for Queer Creatives.
Retaining internal innovation and staying powered up contributes largely to effectiveness with creative work we do.

Here are 2 techniques to care for yourself during your creative journey.

Happy listings
Listing things that make you happy is borrowed from the idea of ” finding your happy place”
Listing your happy things, thoughts, activities, everything that elevates your mood. When navigating a negative state and questioning your creative journey, reach out for your ‘happy list’ to improve your mood and think more objectively about how to overcome your latest challenge.

Take A reflective break
This break is a time period where you step away from the day to day operations of your creative work and reflect about your progress toward your vision and goals.
This time could lead you on a jounery to invest in more development through perhaps an online course, books, retreats, class.

This break is also a good way to guard against burnout.