Message from the founder at 5years.

On behalf of Partners, creatives and all collaborative networks, I would like to extend my gratitude to all that have been on this journey with us.

We are always working with passion and dedication to contribute positively to lives of Queer East Africans.


The queer community wellbeing matters to us just as much as elevating a queer creatives.

Kakyoproject was founded in 2016.

We started off as a space to support fashion creatives in Uganda’s with the first Queer Annual Runway event.

Working with photographers, digital artists, content creators, video editors, designers, models, film makers.

Kakyoproject also hosted workshops to boost creatives on their journeys and use the space to create accessible solutions to mental health of Queers.

In these spaces we let queers to interact with creative work from boudoir exhibitions to film screenings.

We helped launch careers by curating projects with Queer creatives like photography projects and offering support to creatives in their journey.

Eventually morphing into a fellowship of all kinds of Queer creative professionals working with emerging and existing brands. All to achieve our goal to elevate, affirm and celebrate queer lives in East Africa.

As a queer creative in East Africa ,navigating the creative scene, i noticed a need for support services for creatives to grow, collaborate and extend the expertise, opportunities enabling create earn from their craft and create a positive contribution with their art.

We offer this in a program we call, ‘ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE AND BUILDING COMMUNITY.’

Further elevating Queer lives by cultivating HEALING JUSTICE’ programs in our spaces and platforms.

We use spaces we occupy to foster exchanges in healing transformative and resilient practices.

Lastly staying true to our initial fashion journey, we created ,’SAFE GEAR’ to design chest binders made locally and accessible for the lgbtqia community. With help from Cocudi Centre to be part of design space at Bezalel Academy. We later worked with local African queers to come up with Africa’s first locally made chest binders made with local materials for African bodies.

We are excited about the continued growth and to be still contributing positively to queer lives.