Five Films 4 Freedom is the  world’s widest-reaching digital celebration of LGBTQ+ themed film ran annually and made possible with my collaboration with British Council.
FiveFilms4freedom is a 24-hour campaign asking people everywhere to watch a film together over the course of one single day.
With assistance from the British Council we have been able to annually screen these films safely in Africa. Five films 4 Freedom Festival is designed to open up the films and celebratory spirit of the festival for audiences across the world. 

Greengrass has said, “film festivals at their best are a window and also a mirror. A window through which we can see the world, and a mirror in which we can see ourselves.

Kakyoproject with hosting this festival locally intends to grow a spaces for nurturing new film talents and creating dialogue between filmmakers and audiences.
At kakyoproject we believe in gathering illustrious roster of queer creatives and programs striving towards artistic excellence at all through programs, dialogues and relationships.
Our dream with five films 4 freedom screenings is to inspire more East Africans to create our own films. In the future we hopeful to screen our own films on the five films 4 freedom screenings.


In 2019 we successfully held Uganda’s first safe Queer screening with #fivefilms4freedom.
Uganda now part of the annual global of spaces for screening.

Screening queer films as these allows community members to gather, share stories, mentor and support each other, and protect mental health.


On 28th March 2020, we expanded the fivefilms4freedom to kenya and Uganda.
This was an interesting collaboration with different organizations, all opening up platforms and spaces to share  films with their audience.

Elvis with Icebreakers (IBU programs) – UGANDA 
Hosted screening in Uganda for kakyoproject to a select few attendees observing Social distance measures.

Afrika with Kisumu feminist Soceity – KISUMU,KENYA Kakyoproject hosted the virtual screening in kisumu with Kisumu feminist Society and shared virtual screening links with the attendees.

We had Instagram interactions on the films with the audience throughout screening dates as we shared film links for a virtual screening.

We hope to be able to host the screening in Rwanda, kenya, Uganda for 2021.


First and Foremost we extend our gratitude to Dr. Warren Phipps, Infectious Disease Specialist for joining in our screening to have the conversation on #Covid Vaccine so as members of the community can take in expert information into their decision making.

We are grateful to everyone that showed up to be part of a successful #fivefilms4freedom screening in Kampala, Nairobi, Kilifi and online.

We are honored to be able to share some edutainment provided by @britisharts @britishfilminstitute